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The Story of Szent & Company

Ah...the journey...describing our love of fragrances should be enough of an explanation as to why we

established Szent & Company in 2007.  However, since everyone loves a good story, here goes. 

Having grown up with a dad in the fragrance (flavors, essential oils, aromatics) industry, I, B. True was

raised around scents and grew to understand that a scent can not only change the way you 'look' but

also the way you feel and undoubtedly, the way others judge you.  What started as a background to my

childhood, developed into a hobby that soon bordered on obsession - collecting multitudes of

fragrances that would cater to my mood, to the colors that I wore, to the season or to the day of the

week, time of the day!  I couldn't help it - I was born into it!  A wife, mother of three children, and

devoted dog lover whose children were old enough to share their mom, the time was right for me to

take what I love, empower myself and become what others refer to as a "mompreneur. "Enter J.Rob, a

fellow lover of fragrances and a true (and self-confessed) product junkie.  Also a mother of three, dog

lover and wife, she had a successful floral arranging business in her home but wanted to have a store

where people could gather and share a love of beautiful and fragrant things.  Flowers and fragrances

have a naturally symbiotic relationship and our personal backgrounds and interests melded so well that

we began dreaming of Szent & Company.  After months of smelling and testing products, we took that

wonderfully bold step and made our dreams a reality and Szent & Company was born on March 4th,

2008.The story and success of Szent, the fragrance bar continued for the next three years.  We built a

customer base of over 2,000 oil lovers and was rewarded each and every day with a smile when the

perfect and unique blend was created.  Then in March of 2011, the time had come to move on and out

of the brick and mortar store and on to the web!  So, continue to smell great, feel great, all day, every

day and......stay tuned!!!